We Spend Too Much Money Watching Sex Offenders


Thursday was National Missing Children's Day, a day meant to highlight the problem of child abduction.

And while there have been advancements in laws and technology to keep children safe and help families, an organization known for protecting kids thinks says we spend too much money in at least one area. Read more...

MNSORP is a statewide, member-supported, nonprofit organization dedicated to making communities safer.

Our mission is to prevent sexual abuse and increase public safety by reducing barriers to sex offender reentry and stability in the community.

The work of MNSORP is focused on policies and practices related to housing, employment, pro-social support and treatment in order to enhance public safety.


MNSORP is available to present at statewide, regional or local events. A variety of customized presentations are available to meet the needs of your community.  Suggested topics include:


  • Residency restrictions in Minnesota

  • “Radical Hospitality” and how it can make your community safer

  • Homelessness among those convicted of sexual offenses

  • The value and effectiveness of pro-social support

  • Unemployment reduction

Please let us know what your community needs. MNSORP welcomes invitations to plan, host or participate in events throughout the state.